About Us

We are a Florida Firm.

We represent clients in all courts throughout the State of Florida. We represent Fortune 500 companies, domestic, and foreign insurers, medical providers, product manufacturers, banking institutions and businesses. We litigate and defend cases through trial and verdict.

We have offices in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

We are a Mid-Size Firm with a Small Firm Approach.

Since the day we founded the firm in 2009 we have been committed to our clients.  We never forget our roots. We have sustained and grown our relationships by earning the trust of our clients.  We focus on each client one file at a time.  The details matter. We are hands on and accessible. Our clients know the attorneys working on their files, and the attorneys know our clients and their needs and goals. We build relationships and value the trust placed in us by our clients.

What We Do

We counsel and represent clients throughout the State of Florida in legal disputes and complex commercial litigation involving insurance claims, personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, products liability, maritime, and other practice areas. We assist clients in all phases of claims and lawsuits, from pre-suit investigation through trial, and when necessary, post-verdict litigation and appeals. We identify and evaluate potential exposure and work with our clients to prevent or limit that exposure.

SRS is committed to solving our clients’ problems. We provide creative solutions and practical advice, whether that entails early settlement or litigating a case all the way through trial.

Our Mission

  • Quality – Contrary to some billboards in Florida, we believe it is quality that matters most. The practice of law is a noble profession. We have earned our reputation through action and results. Everything we do as a firm is grounded in our commitment to the profession and the responsibility we have been entrusted with as representatives of our clients. Insurers and businesses endeavor to provide the best service and products to their clients and customers. SRS reflects these goals and ethos. Quality comes first.
  • Trust – The attorney-client relationship is built on trust. Trust is earned and demonstrated, and is essential to achieving the best possible results. Our lawyers appreciate and understand the trust SRS clients have placed in the firm, and we work hard every day to produce the results our clients deserve.
  • Professionalism/Reputation – Reputation is based on action and built over time. Our reputation is founded on professionalism. We say what we mean and do what we say, and that matters to our clients. Our firm enjoys this reputation due to all of our team members putting in the hard work necessary to earn it. Quality work performed by quality people means that our word and opinions are listened to and respected in courtrooms throughout the State of Florida, by judges and by opposing counsel alike.
  • Our Clients’ Success Is Our Success – Results matter. SRS is committed to assisting its clients and overcoming the challenges and hurdles they face. Our approach to achieving success is personalized and collaborative. We put in the time and effort to achieve the best possible result tailored to our clients’ needs. The result matters and not all successes are equal.

SRS values the relationships and trust we build with our clients by advocating with integrity and passion, and focusing on quality over quantity.

Our Work

Quality Not Quantity

The quality of our work, not quantity, drives what we do and who we are as a firm. SRS has obtained verdicts, summary judgments and dismissals in courts throughout the State of Florida.  Our priority is bringing quick resolution to claims through early dismissal or settlement, and when necessary, putting in the work to obtain a voluntary dismissal on the courthouse steps. Our clients appreciate the results we obtain, even without the validation of a court order or a jury verdict, especially when they realize the unexpected savings that often accompany an efficient resolution.

We think outside of the box, and focus on finding new and innovative solutions. We approach each matter individually and determine the appropriate solution and outcome consistent with our clients’ goals and business interests.


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Michael Simon

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Gregory A. Reed

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Marco A. Salazar

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